ORNITHERAPY at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

My Veterans had a very special event offered to them by supporter Mary Therese (MT) Grob of HMS as well as Holly Merker, author of Ornitherapy- For your Mind, Body and Soul. We met at the new amphitheatre that Todd carved and learned how birds can help transport us to a place of peace and healing. We already knew how just being in the natural world can help change us but now the gift of birds present in our lives can add an even richer dimension.

Holly handed out binoculars, journals and a writing tool and taught the veterans how to tune into mindful awareness in order to see and hear the gift of birds around us. We walked to the garden and pool and learned more, then to South Lookout and on to North. Afterwards, everyone returned to Cindy & Todd’s log home for a delicious shrimp boil by board member Tim Minnich, a campfire, hand-cranked ice-cream, and more sharing. Everyone departed feeling uplifted as usual, and with a renewed interest in witnessing the migration on the mountain this fall. Thank you MT and especially Holly for your generous offering of time and expertise. You have lit a fire.     

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