Serving Our Veterans and their Families at our Annual Boy Scout Camp Out

We had another wonderful camp out weekend at our local New Ringgold Boy Scout camp. It is privately owned and rented to us so we can serve our Veterans AND their families. It is such great fun to see the kids playing, romping in the creek, enjoying the fire, going on hikes in the surrounding woods and countryside. I led a 10 mile loop bike road on quiet rural roads this year- sometimes we paddle. Veteran Jen Daccus led the vets in a morning yoga session! Once again, we had fabulous meals cooked by our chef and Board Member, Tim Minnich. This year he had some help with Pastor Jason Stump and Abby Vanluvanee. We had an active duty Air Force member come with his family from NJ, and many repeat veterans and some new ones too. Two local young Dalkner girls from the area offered to play their trumpets for entertainment, as well as a Veteran Singer/Songwriter Ron Capps made a special appearance. Ron was on his was from Maine to DC and offered to come attend and play selections from his new album just released entitled, “Trying to Catch Amnesia.” Ron is Director of a wonderfully successful national program called “Veterans Writing Project,” and is a very talented musician. Ron’s lyrics reminded us all, what it feels like inside the heart of a suffering combat veteran and our weekend at the New Ringgold Boy Scout Camp reminded us how much nature can heal.

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